Having garage doors that won’t open or close properly can be quite frustrating. With a little troubleshooting, you can usually have your garage door working perfectly again in no time. If the troubleshooting doesn’t work, you may need to consult your local garage door company. Keep reading to learn more about making sure your automatic garage is working correctly!

How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door

If the garage door will not open or close, begin with these steps: 

  • Ensure that the opener is plugged in and that the garage circuit breaker is in the correct position. 
  • Ensure that you have not manually locked your garage door by mistake. 
  • Try replacing the batteries in the keypad and/or the remote control. 

Check the External Controls

  • Test all of the controls to determine if only one is faulty. 
  • Reprogram or reset the remote control/keypad. Refer to the owner’s manual if needed. 
  • If the remote control/keypad works but the wall switch does not, the switch or button may need new wiring. 

Check the Garage Door Safety Sensors

  • Make sure that the safety sensors are properly aligned.
  • Using a soft cloth and mild cleaner, ensure that there is no dirt covering the eye of the safety sensors.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions between the sensors. 

Check Garage Door Opener Mechanism

  • If your garage door won’t open but sounds like the engine is still running, the main gear drive may be broken and will need to be replaced. 
  • If the trolley carriage moves but not the garage door, one of the carriage components is broken and needs to be replaced. 
  • If nothing happens, the circuit board on the garage door opener motor most likely needs to be replaced.

Check Garage Door Springs and Cables

  • Cables and torsion springs are two key components to lifting your garage door. Sometimes, these cables and springs can wear out or break, preventing the garage door from opening. If you are needing to replace a cable or spring on your garage door, it is highly advised that you have a professional do the job. 

Check Garage Door Tracks and Rails

  • If your garage door is out of alignment, you can realign the track by loosening the screws that hold it into the frame and then using a mallet to gently tap the track back into the correct position. After it is back in position, tighten the screws again. 
  • Damaged or rusted rollers on the track can also prevent the garage door from moving. These need to be replaced as needed. 
  • Lubricate the trolley carriage with a silicone spray to prevent friction. 

What Color Should the Lights Be On Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors are designed to ensure that there is nothing in the way at the bottom of the opening. If you are having issues with your garage door closing but not opening, chances are you are having a problem with your safety sensors. 


So what do the colored lights on your garage door sensors mean? If your garage door sensor shows green while the other is showing red, there is no need to worry. This just means that the sensor is powered on and that there is nothing in the way of the sensor. However, if the sensor continues to blink red, it means that the sensor is not aligned properly and needs to be fixed. Here are the garage door sensor colors and their meaning: 


  • Green Light: This indicates that the sensor is on and there is no obstruction. 


  • Red Light: This means that both sensors are seeing each other without any obstruction in the way. However, if the light continues to blink red, this means the sensor is not properly aligned. 

  • Yellow Light: Yellow light is usually seen in the sending sensor, which helps to transmit the infrared beam to the receiving sensor that has a green light on it. The green light sensor should always be lit. 


  • Orange Light: If the orange light on the sensor is flashing or is completely off, the sensor is losing the wiring connection and needs to be rectified. 

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