Residential Garage Door Installation and Repair in Little Rock

Your Little Rock home is a place where you should feel comfortable and safe. Imagine coming home from the store with a car full of groceries and a baby in the back seat and as you pull up, it is starting to rain. We know the last thing you want to do is make multiple trips out to your car in a storm.  That’s why The Garage Door Guy offers installation and repair, so you can come home knowing you will get inside safe and dry.

We offer an honest solution to your garage door needs and always work within your budget. The Garage Door Guy of Little Rock has many years of experience and knowledge in residential garage installation and repair.  We are also skilled and trained to check for any damages to ensure that you and your family are safe and cared for.

Garage Door Installation

When it comes to your home, we know that you have a picture in mind of what you would like your house to look like. You are not married to the garage door that came with your home and you deserve the one you have been dreaming of. We know that a  garage door can make or break the curb appeal of your house. That is why we work with you to customize your space. 

We take into consideration the size of the vehicles going into your garage and how many. Whether you are needing a one-car garage or something that can hold multiple large vehicles and your kid’s toy size jeep, we have a solution for you. The style of your home is incredibly important. We take into mind the theme of your home and come up with a design that compliments that, like garage doors were made to do. The safety of you and your loved ones is a top priority and we promise to install a door that will work properly and keep you from getting into harm's way. And lastly, we know this is a big factor - the price. Owning a home comes with multiple expenses and we want to make sure this is one that won’t break the bank. When we are designing your garage doors, we work with you to come up with a budget that works for you and your family. We also offer you a free door spray down one year after the initial spray down of your garage door..

From the moment our specialists come to your property, you will be impressed with our knowledge, experience, and professionalism. We are trained to treat your home as if it was our own and always show up punctually, and ready to work. Our specialists are craftsmen who are the very best at what we do. There is a reason that we have been in business for many years as the leading garage door company, while other garage door companies have opened and closed down shortly after. 

Garage Door Repair

We use top-name, durable materials but unfortunately, that does not mean they are completely unbreakable. There are those unexpected times when garage doors are backed into, or something hits against it, whether it is a tree form a storm, or the neighbors bike. The Garage Door Guy has been making repairs like these to garage doors in Little Rock for many years. 

We believe that putting a bandaid on a problem is not a true solution. Our specialists will come out to do a full inspection of your garage and identify the problem. In order to save you money and make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, we will make a plan to make the necessary repairs without selling you on something that we truly don’t believe you need. We promise to do the job right the first time so you do not have to be concerned about the safety of your family. That means we will test our work meticulously so we are certain the job has been done correctly.


Nobody wants their repaired garage door to look like it has been repaired. We promise to have your garage door looking, working, and feeling like it is brand new. We can replace any garage door, from any manufacturer and will do so with top-name, resilient products. The Garage Door Guys make sure to get the job done as quickly as possible. We know you are busy and your time at home should be enjoyable. We don’t want you worrying about the garage for days on end so we will get it done the very same day that we come out to service it. 

We take our jobs seriously which is why we focus on customer service and have remained number one in the Little Rock garage door business year after year. We guarantee that you will be satisfied from the moment you call us, to when we are packing up and driving away from a finished, job well done. Our reputation is important to us and we work hard to make sure you feel like we have done the very best job and you made the right decision by working with The Garage Door Guy. You don’t have to take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say. 

“My father set-up an appointment with another garage door installer only for them to never show up and claim they lost the appointment paperwork. He rescheduled with them two days later and they again never showed up. Because he was too frustrated and had already missed time at work twice, he didn't want to try and find anyone else. I decided to help out and call The Garage Door Guy after a google search and was able to schedule for the very same day. I called around 8:30 am and by 10:30 am my father's garage door had been nicely installed. My father was extremely pleased with the work and very happy about the prompt installation. I was very impressed too! The Garage Door Guys also charged a very reasonable price, even more, reasonable than the other people that never showed. We will definitely recommend this business to others and will use them again if we need more work done.”

Set up your garage door installation or repair with The Garage Door Guy, and we promise you will not be disappointed.


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