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Living in Cabot you've come to appreciate big town conveniences with small-town values. That's why Garage Door Guy Corp. stands in the gap bringing the best services throughout the region. Whether it's annual maintenance, unexpected garage door repair, overhead door installation, or creating a statement with a custom garage door order, Garage Door Guy is your go to for expert garage door services!

Are you finishing up a new build, updating your home to a more current style, or putting in an extra bay on your workshop? Even some of the “no-brainer” features of the project can turn cool into calamity.  Picking the right look for your garage doors can be the deciding factor between “ho-hum” and heavenly.

At Garage Door Guy we can help you select the most appropriate door for your style or situation. Do you need something extra-ordinary? We have you covered. Need some extra refinement for that high-class look? No problem. We know that when choosing the right overhead door for your home, barn or workshop there can be many choices that aren't apparent, to begin with, after all, a garage door is just a garage door, right? Not so. Things have come a long way since Grandpa's day, and decidedly for the good.

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Garage Door Repair in Cabot, AR

Thankfully with the help of our trained professionals and years of expertise, when the time comes to make the choice between colors, steel, aluminum, or wood, custom or manufactured, insulated or not and automatic versus hand pull, you'll be ready. We take great pride in making sure our customers have the latest information on styles, materials, and energy efficiency, striving to educate you on the pros and cons of each. Making an informed choice is your right and our guarantee at Garage Door Guy Corp.

With proper tools, skills, and heart, Garage Door Guy can install, replace, or repair your garage doors on the first visit. After installation, we can make sure your investment stays working smoothly for its lifetime with scheduled yearly inspections with needed attention. Keeping the warranty valid with professional certified technicians, proper tools, readily accessible parts specific to your make and model is only a part of the high-quality service you'll receive. Head and shoulders above the rest, make no mistake, we provide the most desirable garage door services and repairs in the Cabot area, and we're ready to serve you, our valued customer. Call or submit a quote request today!

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While you may have an electric model door opener, the mechanical powerhouse for the actual door lift and opening process resides in the tightly tensioned counter balancing springs. As the door opener provides the initial push to start the door moving, the upward moving door unwinds the springs which supply the necessary force to bring the door to the open position. When closing the door, the weight of the door itself, which averages around 500 pounds, wind the springs again till it rests in the closed position and at its full tension.

Because this tension is so high we recommend letting a professional door maintenance company service your door in the event it begins to malfunction or for an annual inspection. Many hundreds of people per year are admitted to emergency rooms and hospitals trying to save money by hitting the Do-it-yourself bandwagon. Don't be one of them. Call Garage Door Guys today!