Commercial Garage Door Installation

If there is one thing people in the South take seriously, it is the reputation that their business holds. When you’re thinking of opening a business or just ready to give your current business a facelift, a garage door is not something that you want to overlook. We’re in the business of making your garage door vision come true. Whether you want a specific door that we already have in stock, or want to custom design a door, that fits all of your needs, we can do it. There are so many options to choose from and questions to ask yourself, that we want to make it easy on you and take it to step by step.

Type of Garage Doors

When you think of a garage door you probably just picture the regular metal garage door you see on most businesses, and while we can most definitely install that for you, there are so many other options out there as well. When we initially meet to discuss your needs, we will take into consideration your budget, the size of vehicles or equipment that will be stored, and the branding that your company wants to stick with. And yes, branding even extends to the garage doors on your building.

Overhead Doors

These doors are what typically come on your home whenever you first move in. They have the railing at the top of your garage that the door is lifted by. Your door will be lifted to where it is completely horizontal with the ceiling. This is a simple and typical solution that can be used on your business.

Roll Up Doors

This is a type of garage door that you don’t typically see too often. They are made of metal slats that actually roll up instead of lifting horizontally to the ceiling. Picture a roll of parchment paper that rolls up into a cylinder - this is how the metal slats fold up and roll together. They are very sturdy and built to withstand an incredible amount of opening and closing cycles. These offer great security and are typically very weather resistant. 

Sectional Doors

These garage doors are perfect for a large garage that is housing large vehicles and equipment. This is ideal for a warehouse or storage facility. Like overhead doors, it breaks into sections that fold up or down to leave space in your garage.

Security Doors

Security shutter doors are what you would picture whenever you're in the mall and it is close to closing time and businesses start to pull the metal gates shut, from both sides of their doors and meet in the middle. They can close horizontally or vertically, but they are made of a metal material and they can be physically locked. This is a great solution if your business is inside of a shopping mall, or if you need a solution to close off a garage to apartment complexes.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are a very elegant option to add curb appeal to your business. This would be one of the custom options that we get asked about the most. If you own a wedding venue, or an apartment complex and want to keep the visual appeal in all areas of your business, this can be a beautiful, custom option just for you. We never cut corners on quality, and that will show whenever you see the craftsmanship we put into our wooden garage doors.

Cost of Garage Doors

The cost of commercial garage doors is dependent on multiple different factors. When you meet with your Garage Door specialist here at Garage Door Guys Corp, we will go over all of these factors and what your budget is so we can come to a solution that you are comfortable with. 

  • Size. The size of your garage door can make your cost much more or less expensive. A large garage door typically means a higher price. More materials, more work ,etc. 
  • Design. The look of your garage door can affect the price as well. If you want a standard, aluminum garage door that is easily installed, it will likely cost less than a custom garage door that is specifically built just to fit your vision. 
  • Materials. Aluminum or steel doors are what a garage door is typically made from. If you want to add fire-resistant properties to it, it is likely going to add to the cost of your door.
  • Installation. There is always the cost of labor that will be added into the overall cost of your commercial garage door installation. If the installation is more complex than an average garage door installation, it will add to the cost as well.



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