How to do a garage door inspection and tune up

Your garage door is such a deeply ingrained part of your daily life that you might not even really notice it anymore.

However, even if it’s not a subject that crosses your mind on a regular basis, you should set a calendar reminder to complete a garage door inspection at least once a year. Regularly inspecting your garage door will ensure that you catch any issues before they become a serious problem.

If you aren’t a handyman and don’t have a lot of specialized tools or technical knowledge, don’t worry! The inspection outlined here is one that can be completed by the average person.

A visual assessment

With the aid of a bright garage light or a flashlight, first inspect the mechanisms of the garage door and take a general overview.

Consider: does anything look damaged, rusty, or otherwise “off”? If you see anything that doesn’t look quite right to you, document it with your phone’s camera – this will help you keep track of any issues you might find, and you can show them to a garage door technician later if necessary.

Test it out

Next, open and close the door using the remote control. Keep a close eye on the cables and tracks while it’s opening and closing to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Again, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, it might help to record a video of it to refer back to later.

While the door is opening and closing, listen carefully. Any unusual noises might be an indication of a mechanical problem. Even if the door sounds normal to you, just a little bit louder than usual, there might be a problem. 

Typically, a door that’s too noisy might just need some lubrication – a pretty easy solution! Any new noises, or noises that you’re not sure of, should most likely be discussed with a qualified garage door repairman.

Safety first!

One of the most important functions of any automatic garage door is the safety reverse. You definitely want to make sure that your door will stop when it detects anything in its path, so you can rest assured that your kids and pets will be safe around the door.

You can test this out yourself by placing an object in the path of the door. For safety, make sure you use a box or another object that you don’t mind damaging, just in case the door doesn’t work as it should. Please don’t use your foot!

If it’s working properly, the door’s sensors should detect the object in its path and immediately reverse. If it doesn’t, it’s time to give The Garage Door Guy a call, since this could become a serious safety hazard.

Don’t forget the springs

Right above the door opening, you’ll see some metal springs. Take a close look at these and make a note of any signs of rust or excessive wear. If you do notice rust or if you did hear squeaking coming from this area while testing the door earlier, these springs might need to be replaced. You should make sure to handle this repair as soon as possible, since the springs are an important part of the door’s function and could even cause injury if they break off.

Time for a tune-up

Any major repairs that might need to be made are best left to a professional. At The Garage Door Guy, we are more than happy to advise you on any issues that might come up during your inspection! 

However, there are a few basic maintenance tasks that you can safely do at home.

First, you can use WD-40 or a similar white lithium lubricant on any moving parts, like the wheels, roller stems, and hinges. Anywhere you hear a squeak, or anywhere that metal is moving against metal, will most likely benefit from some lubrication. Doing this regularly will also ensure a quieter open and close for your door.

It’s also helpful to give the whole door and its mechanisms a good cleaning. Ensuring that there is no dirt or debris on the tracks or in the way of the door’s mechanisms will help keep your door in good shape until your next inspection.

Finally, if you have a wrench, perform a quick check around your door for any loose nuts and bolts. If you find any, you can easily tighten them up a little.

If you happen to run into any extensive problems during your inspection, it’s very important to get a professional to address them for you. 

At The Garage Door Guy, our skilled contractors are prepared to fix any problem that might come up with your door, keeping you and your family safe and secure in your home. Give us a call today!

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