In the words of Kevin McCallister, this is your home, and you have to defend it. The guys at The Garage Door Guys want you to feel safe this holiday season. This time of year is known for giving but also stealing. Break-ins during the holiday season skyrocket compared to the rest of the year. We have come up with a few simple ways for you to increase your security around your garage door. 

Have you ever heard the saying “you are only as strong as your weakest link?” The same goes for your home. If your garage door is not secured, neither is your home. According to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, around 10% of all break ins come through the garage door.  We want to make sure that you are not among that 10% with these simple steps.

1. Frost Your Windows

A garage door full of windows can be aesthetically pleasing but it also allows burglars to look in and see all of your expensive belongings. This is where you keep your cars, motorcycles, tools, unused Christmas decor, etc. If a burglar can look inside and see what all you have for them to steal, they will be ready to make their move. This is also how they can look in and see if you are home or not. Take this simple and easy step of frosting your windows to keep unwanted visitors from looking inside. Easy peel and stick window frost can be found here.

2. Smart Garage Door Openers

Whenever you use a garage door opener, your garage door should lock whenever it is closed. That doesn’t always keep a burglar from prying open the door or even discovering the code on your opener. Smart Openers can keep you on your toes, always knowing whenever your garage door is being opened. A simple alert to your phone will allow you to call the authorities and let them know an unwanted visitor is in your garage. Discuss with us today what your options are for smart openers. 

3. Carry Your Garage Opener With You

This may sound odd because we are all so used to keeping your garage door opener conveniently in your car, however whenever your car is parked and a burglar sees that, they will break in and steal your garage door opener. If you keep it in your purse or connected to your keys, you will always have it on you instead of leaving it out to be stolen.

4. Light Up Your Home

Majority of break ins happen at night whenever your neighbors cannot see who is entering your home. If you install motion sensored floodlights, a burglar will often times be scared off when they are lit up without warning. There are many different options to choose from here.

5. Lock Your Garage Door

If you have an older model garage door, it may open manually instead of with an opener. We highly recommend installing a handle that locks on your garage door. Or for extra safety precautions, make the investment of a new and updated automatic garage door. Contact us today to discuss replacing your garage door.

6. Lock Your Home

Most people do not lock the door to their home that is inside their garage door because they feel secure in the fact that you have to enter your garage to get inside of your home. However, if a burglar does get inside your garage, locking your door to your home will be just an added measure to keep them from getting inside of your home. 

7. Security Cameras

Burglars typically scope out the homes they want to break into before they make their move. They are much more likely to break into a home without security cameras than those with them. And if a burglar is bold enough to break in while knowing you are watching, they will be easier to catch if it is all caught on camera. 

There is nothing worse than having to worry about the safety of you and your family during Christmas. Follow our simple steps to keep the Sticky Bandits from hitting your home this holiday season.


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