Having a garage door is an awesome home addition, providing extra storage space and a safe place to keep your vehicle. Because your garage door is the heaviest and largest moving piece of your home, it can also be a huge safety concern when proper garage door safety is not adhered to. Keep your garage door in proper working order so that it, its contents and your household members stay safe. Follow these helpful safety tips in mind when operating your garage door. 

Top 7 Garage Door Safety Tips

Check the Safety Sensors on the Garage Door 

Garage door openers have safety sensors that are attached to the rails, about 6 inches off the ground. If working properly, the safety sensors will reverse the direction of the garage door if a person, animal, or object were to be underneath it. 


To test your safety sensors, begin by pushing the control button to start closing the garage door. Before the door closes, place an object, such as a broom or a stick, in front of one of the safety sensors. If they are working correctly, this should cause this door to stop immediately and reverse. If the door does not reverse, it is advised that you call a professional garage door repairman to inspect the garage door opener and make any necessary adjustments. 

Test Auto-Reverse

If your garage door is equipped with an auto-reverse feature, put a roll of paper towels in the center of the door’s path to make sure it is working. The door should reverse when it touches the paper towels. 

Be Prepared for Emergencies

If you are ever needing to open your garage door in the case of an emergency, it is important that you know where the emergency release feature is located. 

Inspect Garage Door Components 

It is highly recommended that you take the time to properly inspect the various components of your garage door to ensure that they are working properly. You’ll make sure that you check the springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys. 

Don’t Leave the Door Ajar

Leaving your garage door even partially open can be a safety and security issue. This can allow unsolicited entry into your garage. Additionally, if someone gets pinned while trying to go underneath a partially open garage door, they could be seriously injured if the door is reactivated. 

Watch Your Fingers

When operating a garage door, keep in mind to watch out for your fingers. Placing your fingers in between the door sections can result in a serious injury. Some newer garage door models come equipped with pinch protection to reduce the risk of serious hang and finger injuries. 

Keep It Kid-Friendly

It is also important to teach your children the proper garage door safety procedures. Follow these tips to keep your garage kid friendly:

  • Place your garage door opener keypad and the remotes out of reach. 
  • Securely store anything that can be climbed on, such as ladders, stools, ropes, etc.
  • Do not allow your children to play with the garage door remotes. 
  • Do not allow your children to ever hang off of the garage door. 
  • Lastly, always keep an eye on kids when they are in or around the garage. 

Let the Experts Help 

If any of these parts on your garage door system are not functioning properly, it is advised that you seek professional help. Whether you have noticed any of these problems with your garage door or you are just wanting to schedule routine garage door maintenance, the experts at The Garage Door Guy Corp can help. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable service quickly, so that your life can get back to normal. Call 501-412-2475 to get your estimate or schedule your appointment today! 

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