We’ve all seen at least one house with their garage door only halfway down and uneven, right? Whether you’re dealing with a broken spring, roller, or opener, a broken garage door can be quite frustrating, as it can trap your car inside or even leave your home exposed to the elements. By understanding the probable reasons behind the problem, property owners can stay vigilant and avoid any potential problems. 

How to Tell if Your Garage Door is Off-Track

If handling the problem yourself, the first step you should take is trying to identify the source of the problem. When garage door rollers come off-track, it can hang loosely from the tracks, it may get stuck, or it may sit at a really awkward angle. If you are dealing with any of these issues, it is important that you remember not to force the garage door open or closed. Forcing a garage door to work is not only dangerous, but it could bend the tracks, cause more rollers to go off-track, and damage your system. 

What Causes a Garage Door to Go Off-Track?

There are several reasons why a garage door may go off-track. Here are a few of the most common reasons: 

  • Misaligned Tracks: Misaligned tracks are a very common cause for garage doors going off-track. Usually, this happens when the bolts holding the horizontal track get loose, resulting in the bracket wobbling at the slightest vibrations of the door. Misaligned tracks significantly increase the risk of the rollers coming off the tracks. 

  • Damaged Tracks: If your tracks are bent or damaged, it can force the rollers out of alignment.  

  • High/Intense Impact: If someone accidentally hits your garage door with their car before it is completely open, it can cause not only significant damage to the door’s lower sections, but it can also mess up the entire door system. Even if the vehicle is not moving at a high rate of speed, it can still cause extensive damage. If this happens, do not attempt to repair it yourself; instead, call a garage door specialist to put everything back in order. 

  • Dirt and Lack of Lubrication: A buildup of dirt and grime, combined with a lack of lubrication, can throw garage door rollers off-track. Garages tend to be dirty and dusty, which can get into your garage door track. You can use a strong dish detergent and a scrub brush to help combat this issue yourself. After a good cleaning, ensure that you re-lubricate the tracks. 

Let The Garage Door Guy Corp Lend a Hand 

While you can perform preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of your garage door rollers coming off-track, if you notice that any of the rollers are already off-track it is highly advised that you call a garage door professional to assess the situation and complete the right repairs. Whether your rollers are off track, you need a spring replacement, or you are in need of a new garage door, call our team at The Garage Door Guy Corp today. We are here and happy to help! 

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